Who We Are

Al-Mudeef General Trading Company

Is a well standing reputed company as being considered among pioneering companies in the field of trading and distribution of detergent, foodstuffs, household materials and working according to the highest level of international standards. Where it had acquired reputation over the years since its inception in the year 2000 and it spared no effort to obtain the respect and confidence of the consumer. As being certainly today the largest company in the distribution of detergent under the name OROPLUS and BUTTERFLY, whereas it could occupy the top ranks in the distribution of OROPLUS with a prestigious position in terms of quality, price and material in all parts of Iraq. By constant cooperation between Al-Mudeef General Trading Company , quartered in Amman, Jordan, represented by its director-general Mr. FARIS AL QADHI and the dealer ,AFAQ AL DEYAR GENERAL TRADING COMPANY LIMITED, quartered in Iraq and represented by its director General Mr. AMMAR AL QADHI, being with valuable experience and qualified in the field of marketing and distribution management in all parts of Iraq, through distinguished people and its possession of advanced network of modern communications systems in order to control the process of goods delivery to consumers in a high and organized speed and constant fashion , in addition to the possession of large vans to transport the products to consumers besides the facility by which goods are transported between the company’s stores, where the company conducts training for the staff on searching continuously for local markets via daily reading of the market to keep pace with the new developments. The company owns several types of various goods imported from certain countries of the world: Turkey, France, Italy, Vietnam, China, India, Syria, and Germany; all well-characterized, excellent and with distinct quality goods.